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Whisperwood: Cool Stuff

Where in the world is Whisperwood?

Actually, Whisperwood is a forest on planet called Irith. You can download a Map of the World here.


Cutting Room Floor: Idyll Idun


Just as DVDs often have deleted scenes in their special features section, Whisperwood also has a deleted scene, or rather, a deleted song. This song should be played between Listen to the Rain and Ode to Lokai. You can download it here or on the music page. Idyll Idun (MP3)


Music: Eric

Lyrics: Eric


Vocals: Heather

Guitar: Eric


Originally written by Eric in the mid 1990s as a stand alone song. Eric and Heather recorded this version live in studio at Humboldt State University in September, 2004, shortly before it became part of Whisperwood. During the early stages of recording Eric realized that Muirigheal deserved a bigger part in the story, and that the lyrics to this song seem to describe her dream on that rainy evening of her lament. The lyrics would have been altered, but the recording was already done, therefore, the lyrics are an abstraction from the otherwise mostly linear narrative. Between mixing and mastering Dave, Sean, and Eric realized that Idyll Idun actually pulls the listener out of the story more than it advances the story, so they removed it from Whisperwood


Idyll Idun - the film!


That's right, there's a film called Idyll Idun, too. Eric made this as a student at Humboldt State University while studying natural resources interpretation and cinematography.


The film is not part of Whisperwood, but has so many connnections to Whisperwood that it seems appropriate to include it here. You can download the film here - Idyll Idun (film) (right click and choose "save as" - it's 26MB). Or, you can watch it on YouTube (but first, turn off the song that's playing at the bottom of this page). 



The film's connections to Whisperwood:


  1. “Idyll Idun” is the name of a song that was removed from Whisperwood (you can download it above or on the music page).
  2. The song Idyll Idun was sung by Heather, the voice of Muirigheal on the CD.
  3. The actress in the film is Heather.
  4. The soundtrack to the film is excerpts from Tale of Lokai, Song of Songs, and A Flower in Your Meadow. (The soundtrack was recorded separately from the CD in 2003 at Humboldt State University).
  5. The voice over narration in the film is Eric, who is also the narrative voice of Elric on the CD and primary creator of Whisperwood.
  6. Idyll Idun is an exploration of the human connection to and relationship with the natural world, and therefore loosely connected to Whisperwood thematically.


Naked Tracks

The recording process for Whisperwood lasted four and a half long years. Most songs began with simple guitar tracks and other instruments we added afterward. Here are some of those early tracks--enjoy! (right click and choose "save as")


Nine Years in the Womb!

Human babies spend nine months in the womb--Whisperwood spent nine years! After those nine long years the project finally saw the light of day in 2000 when Eric, Dave, and Sean recorded very rough arrangements with a boom box and a video camera in Sean's living room. Here are some videos from those sessions--enjoy (and please forgive the multitude of mistakes!).



Sleeping White Dragon

In the 1990s, Eric, Dave, Trope, and Sean were a band called Sleeping White Dragon (SWD). Here is their studio work from those days. (right click and choose "save as")


Wicked Pix (much bigger than displayed photos)



A Trip Through Time

Recording an album can be like a snapshot of a band or artist at a particular point in time. However, the Whisperwood project spans 20 years! So, we thought we'd take you on a short trip down memory lane (and risk embarrassing ourselves along the way!).


Chris, at Cape Cod 2004. Back in 1990 he said, "We should write a song about an elf." And oh, did we ever! Thanks Chris.   Chris_Cape_Cod_2004

Sean, Dave, and Eric in the summer of 2000, just after recording rough arrangements of Whisperwood with a boom box.    Sean, Dave, & Eric - summer 2000

Dave & Eric at Bryce Canyon National Park, 1996--one of their many journeys.   Dave_&_Eric_at_Bryce_1996 

Eric, Dave, & Trope, 1994--after a gig.    Eric_Dave_Trope_1994

Chris, Dave, & Eric at Chris' 24th birthday party, February 12th, 1990, Tucson, Az., just about the time Whisperwood was concieved.   Chris_Dave_Eric_Feb-12-1990_about_the_time_of_conception      

Dave, Eric, & Chris playing air-brooms, 1983--a rather odd beginning for the band   Dave_Eric_Chris_1983_air_brooms_the_beginning   

Eric & Chris with their Rush T-Shirts 1982.   Eric_&_Chris_Rush_shirts