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Whisperwood: Links

TapWater are good friends and great musicians who play "world twang."
Over The Mountain
Band of three young, hip indie musicians (is that an accurate description?) from Pittsfield, MA (the real-world Whisperwood).
Derrick Jensen
Derrick writes about problems and solutions, rather than symptoms and band-aids.
Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn is another wonderful author.
Ecological Footprint Quiz
Just take the quiz...
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Rod y Gab are amazing. Check 'em out.
Eric, Sean, Dave, and Trope's favorite band (okay, okay, Trope actually ranks Zep #1 and Dave isn't sure who his #1 is, but we all really friggin' love Rush! ;)
CD Baby
You can buy Whisperwood and 1,000s of other independant artists here. Yeah CD Baby!