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Whisperwood: Music

Tale of Elric


Act I: Prelude
Scene I: Prologue

Narrator: Deep in the forest of Whisperwood dwells a tranquil and isolated band of Elves. As early buds of spring come forth, tranquility and isolation becomes a wall to a young, discontented elf. Elric leaves Whisperwood seeking an answer to a wordlessly vexing question. He sets out upon an unknown road to cleanse his spirit of emptiness and longing. Directed, yet without destination, he ventures forth, leaving behind family, friends, and his green home of Whisperwood…

Scene II: The Dream

i’ll heed the words that prophets speak
seek wizards in their lair
i’ll even hear the hermit’s voice
as he tells me his own tale
i’ll seek the words of adventurers
emperors and slaves
i’ll even hear the clerics speak
a djinni or a sage
i’ll heed the words these men may speak
if they guide me on my way
For what i seek i do not know
but what i seek i know i’ll find
What i seek is ahead of me
i will not stop nor look behind
What i seek it waits for me
my faith is strong as blind
So prophet sir, please show me
for i seek the peace of mind
Please give me my own answer
for my happiness through time

Act II: The Journey
Scene I: A World in Chains

To the emperors in crowns of gold
can you tell me where my answers lie?
But these men all had thrones so cold
that they did not care nor care to try
To adventurers and slaves of men
i asked where a heart is free of strife
These adventurers were a greedy bunch
but the slave i to spoke of cleric life

Scene II: Apocrypha

Then the summer passed and the leaves blew down
winter fell and my heart felt tired
My will was crumbled on the ground
when a cleric took my hand and re-inspired
i’d come so far when i asked this priest
for the key to life and the road to peace
He spoke of faith he spoke of trust
he spoke of love and he said we must
When he spoke the truth he spoke it right
but imposed a road that was his own life
The way he showed left no room to grow
i couldn’t follow though a seed he sowed

Scene III: Delusions of a New Age

Now my quest resumed stronger than before
when i found a bottle of wishes upon the shore
Thought my djinni within would grant my pot of gold
but djinnis and rainbows are fables often told
Then i found this wizard and i told my tale
that i seek the peace of mind
i asked him to give me my own answer
for happiness through time
But he said a wizard’s spell can’t reveal one’s self
no magic obtain your goal
No enchanter knows your answer
and no wizard knows your soul
Seek ye the Wiseman
Seek ye the sage
Listen to the hermit
in the Misty Mountain range

Scene IV: Wisdom of a Sage

Wasted time in Emerald City
Wisdom bought and wisdom sold
Channeling spirits, rubbing crystals
chasing rainbows without gold
So over the hills and across the plains
to the mountains of mist i went
To find my teacher to know my master
to receive enlightenment
Through a grove of bo trees,
mustard trees, and figs
To the tree of life, the banyan tree
and the fruits of life it gives
He sat beneath a bodhi tree
a banyan tree a fig
He never breathed he never blinked
and even still he lived
Then this man i found on Foggy Peak
heard my story though i did not speak
He knew my heart and he knew my soul
he pointed to a valley that lead to a creek
To follow its path till it enters a cave
this is the way to which my road is paved
To drink of its pool in the first light of dawn
this way is the day life would be saved

Act III: Soliloquy
Scene I: Hope Forlorn

So i drank the water as the daylight broke
but nothing happened-no puff of smoke
The banyan tree still confuses me
and the bodhi tree hadn’t set me free
The fig tree fruitless stood alone
the mustard seed had not awoke
Was the sage that wise or confused as i?
or was he like the wizard-a magical joke?

Scene II: Dirges in the Dark

Then a tear appeared in my weary eye
and went rolling down my cheek
It met the water with a timeless splash
life it felt so bleak
The end had come and i wondered why
My body cried but would my spirit die?
i searched so hard thought i’d reached too high
As the ripples cleared the sun began to shine-------

Scene III: Nothing More

As i saw my face i saw my soul
now i know the self
i’m now aware of the sage’s words
and i understand his role
i’m chopping down the banyan tree
i’ve turned the fig tree dry
The bodhi tree has set me free
and the mustard seed is high
A flower in my meadow of life
has opened up the door
Awakening the one true self
i’m lost again no more
All i ever needed
was to let the spirit soar
All we ever really need
is life and nothing more

All you ever really need
is this and nothing more
Awaking my one true self
i’m lost again no more
All i ever needed
was to let my spirit soar
All i ever needed
was life and nothing more
Music: Eric (with Chris Chamberlain)
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitars: Eric
Bass: Sean
Violin: Popeye
Mandolin: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric
Drums: Trope
Percussion: Dave & Eric

Tid Bits:
Tucson, 1990, Dave, Eric, and Chris (Chamberlain) are sitting on the floor of their jam room playing acoustic guitars and from out of the blue Chris says, “We should write a song about an elf." A story concept is tossed around and excitement begins to build, but little do they realize that Whisperwood has just been conceived. Chris presents a mellow guitar progression as a possible intro to this unwritten song (a progression which does in fact become the opening of the song). A few days later Eric & Chris drive up Mt. Lemon to watch the sunset. On the way down the Mountain Eric pulls over, digs a napkin out of the glove compartment and begins to scrawl some lyrics, ”i’ll heed the words that prophets speak...”

Story Synopsis:
Pretty simple really. Elric is young and longs for something more. He sets out to find the answer, and discovers that he didn’t really need to go anywhere to figure who and what he is. He does not return home to Whisperwood, but becomes a hermit instead.