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Whisperwood: Music

Elvin Song

Act IX: Eastern Journey
Scene I: Elvin Song

Followed an Elvin song
to a glade in the Whisperwood
Guided through a moon-lit night
by morning light he stood
He sang a song that opened my eyes
it opened my heart and filled my mind
Forgetting my pain and hearing his voice
he told me that destiny is a choice

Elvin songs and mandolin tunes
Lyre strings and piccolo flutes
Morris jigs and tapping sticks
Peace pipes under the moon
Elvin songs and minstrel tunes
Mandolin jigs and piccolo flutes
Pipes of peace and pipes of Pan
Calumet under the moon

Elric sang a minstrel song
it’s time for life to move along
From war to peace in just one night
your charms deceived, let your music delight
Elric sang a sylvan song
come with me now lets be gone
Trees of life will attain their height
and songs you sing will shine so bright

He said we would go to lands unknown
i would walk as a sheep where wolf packs roam
that both of my halves would be stronger as one
when i heal myself and persecute none
i could come with him or return to my war
return to the Elves and settle the score
But for the first time in my life i began to care
Life for me began there


Elric sang an Elvin song
you will find panacea before too long
Never again will you go to war
dreamin’ now dreams never dreamt before

Elric sang the song of songs
life it is the player and we’re the pawns
You’ve come out of the dark and into the light
you’ll change the world with the songs you write
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitars: Eric
Violin: Popeye
Mandolin: Sean
Bass: Eric
Bass solo: Dave
Backing Vocals: Dave & Darlene

Tid Bits:
Originally, written as a stand alone song in 1989 or 1990. At the time it was dubbed Sadness. This was one of the first stand alone songs added to Whisperwood. Elvin Song has been an essential part of the backbone of Whisperwood since the projects earliest stages.

Story Synopsis:
Lokai responds to his brother’s heart whisper. He walks alone to the edge of Whisperwood, the very night before his war begins, to meet the brother he never knew he had. He is compelled and captivated by his bother’s power and wisdom. Lokai leaves his war behind and follows Elric into the unknown western world, the land of giants.