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Whisperwood: Music

Pawn Song

Scene II: Pawn Song

(Elric & Lokai):
Slipping through the Whisperwood
we’ll be movin’ on
Western skies are peaceful but
now we’re gone
Hello Ogre Barrens it’s a misty dawn
life it is the player and we’re the pawn

Passing through the Dreaded Wood
desert skies are oh so good
Hills of Fire just a sunny day
in this game of life we play

Don’t think we’ll stay
it is the gypsy way
We just, we may
return to Wood Nymph Bay

Hello everybody sing a deeper song
i and i will wake up to a brighter dawn
Passion is the power of our every song
life it is the player and we’re the pawn
We’re the pawn, the living song
sing along
Pawn song
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitar: Eric
Mandolin: Sean
Bass: Eric
Backing Vocals: Dave, Eric, & Jack
Sound FX: Eric

Tid Bits:
In 1993, while being driven to the Hartford, CN airport for a flight back home to California, Eric dreams of the newly created Whisperwood, and writes this song in his head.

Story Synopsis:
The first steps of the big journey. The fear of entering the Land of Giants has not yet sunk in.