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Whisperwood: Music

Music in the Air (Jamming with the Giants)

Scene VI: Music in the Air (Jamming with the Giants)

(Elric & Lokai)
Music in the air
when infant morn is nigh
Lay of waking dawn
as Sun is climbing high
Sweetly in the ear
a sonance light and fair
We list enchanted
to the music in the air

Elvin strings are ringing
Ogre drums are loud
The band is really reeling
and drawing quite a crowd
Friendly sort of shouting
Giants start to dance
Island Giants singing
Hark: extravagance!

Music in the air
Flash your love a glance
Sounds surround the village
Join the Giant dance
Wear some wildflowers
hanging in your hair
Jamming with the Giants
there’s music in the air


There’s music in the air
Old Sol goes down again
The evensong rings clear
o’er the plain and glen
Song and dance ne’er pause
nor minstrels find a rest
Ever music in the air
as the solar glow fades to the west…
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Rhythm Guitar: Eric
Lead Guitars: Eric & Sean
Oct Mandolin: Eric
Bass: Eric
Percussion: Eric
Sound FX: Eric

Tid Bits:
Yet another one that was originally written as a stand alone song, but eventually rewritten for Whisperwood. The original song was called Hobowakan (another word for calumet, or peace pipe). The lyrics to Hobowakan drew heavily from “There’s Music in the Air,” written in 1857 by Frances Jane Crosby and also from “Evensong’ written by E.J. Lorenz, though Eric confesses he’s lost all track of who that is or when it was written. He felt uncomfortable with how much of their lyrics he lifted, so he rewrote it in his own words, but retained their sentiment. Eventually, Eric decided to rewrite it again and add it to Whisperwood.