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Whisperwood: Music

Full Circle/Laughing With the Hermit/Night of the Toadstools

Act X: Western Journey
Scene I: Full Circle

When this journey comes full circle
i’ll rest my feet again
but for now we’ll pay a visit
to some of my old friends
To adventurers and emperors
and slaves of many men
returning generosity
until their lives amend
For the cleric bound to ritual
who chooses not to choose
We’ll teach that priest to live so free
free from all his rules
Further down the shore
in a cave by the sea
a djinni grants three wishes
but has never been wished free

He may fulfill your wishes
but he can’t fulfill your need
So we’ll wish him from the bottle
into the air we breath
Like the wizard in the mountains
trapped by magic scrolls
Cease your spells, be your selves
you will know your rolls
Then we’ll meet the hermit
who showed me what to do
The road still leads to nowhere
but it guides you back to you
The hermit teaches nothing
the hermit teaches true
When tears reveal what you conceal
you’ll be off to Whisperwood

Scene II: Laughing with the Hermit

Retracing my path completed his ken
Every new day his fruit ripened
My life consummated by saving friends
though the road will never end
Spoke with the Wiseman
Spoke with the sage
Laughed with the hermit
in the Misty Mt. range
The hermit is the wiseman
wiseman is the sage
Life is always laughing
in the misty mountain range

Scene III: Night of the Toadstools
(instrumental – drum solo)
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitars: Eric
Violin: Popeye
Bass: Sean
Mandolin: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric
Drums: Trope

Tid Bits:
As far as Eric knows, this is the only song that has an incorrect lyric. Dave inadvertently sang “We’ll teach that priest that lives so free” instead of “to live so free.” Eric was in the studio control room, failing in his role as producer, and missed it. Oops! Unfortunately, this minor alteration in the lyric completely changes the meaning of the line. Eric was fond of the metaphor, but alas. Just imagine it with the correct lyric, okay?

This was another early song, probably written in 1993. For 14 long years Eric was troubled by this song, believing it was too “boring,” having long verses without a chorus and simple repetitive music. He never imagined how much the song would blossom during the recording process. Dave’s vocal soars, Popeye’s solo is joyous, and Eric’s multi-layered electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and octave mandolin solo and harmony lifts the song to new heights. And, of course, the addition of Night of the Toadstools is not only fun, it’s nostalgic for those who appear on the laugh track.

In 1987 the four original members of the band assembled for the first time. The band was Eric, Dave, Skee-Ty, and Chris, joined by their dear friend Steve. That night became a magical night, and unbeknownst to all, Eric recorded a conversation in the darkened room; a conversation filled more with laughter than communication. Little did Eric know that he would return to that recording over 20 years later as a way to make Skee-Ty and Chris an audible part of Whisperwood. Elric comes full circle, and so does Eric and Dave’s band.

Story Synopsis:
Elric returns to visit all the people he met on his original journey. This time he brings his brother and his magical music.