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Whisperwood: Music

Change of Seasons

Scene IV: Change of Seasons

Go now brother Lokai
Jack in the Green you are
Bear your fruit my brother
sow the seeds near and far
Share your fruit with others
let them taste the sweets of life
Brother Passion, sister Reason
Drow and Wood become one elf
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitars: Eric
Bass: Eric

Tid Bits:
In the winter of 1989/1990 Eric and Chris strolled out into the Sonoran desert to a dry wash that Skee-ty had nicknamed The Gulch. Sitting on the sand in warm sun they fiddle out on their guitars and came up with a nice tune. Later that day, at home, Skee-Ty dubbed the song Change of Seasons, though no lyrics were written yet. This was probably around the same time that Tale of Elric was conceived. A few years later Eric added it to Whisperwood, wrote the lyrics, and was happy to keep the original name.

Story Synopsis:
Elric and Lokai have completed their journeys (for the time being) and Elric sends Lokai off to Whisperwood to mend the mess he made all those years ago.