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Whisperwood: Music

Narration (Divining the Guild)


Narrator: Lokai’s heart and mind are at long last healed after his journeys with Elric. Lokai returns to Whisperwood to find the Wood Elves in chaos due to his deceit. He also learns that the subterranean Drow Elves are scattered and dying due to the eruption of their mountain volcano home.

Lokai: “Years ago i came to you upon a path of hatred. i have walked many paths since then, and now walk the path of compassion.. Forgive me, for i once brought you to the brink of war; now, i wish to heal those wounds, and reunite our long separated people. Only together can Wood Elves and Drow Elves survive. Therefore, we shall form a Guild that our song and our people may live on.”