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Whisperwood: Music

Lodestar (Ring True)

Act XI: Season of the Elf
Scene I: Lodestar (Ring True)

Returning to the Elvinkind
query posing on my mind
Brother Elric questioned me
how i’d liberate vassals if i’m liege
Elysium to Whisperwood
bearing fruit both sweet and good
"What will you do Lokai LeFay
when you become the king for a day?"
i’ll restore the Elves’ united state
heal the Drow’s chaotic hate
i’ll end the war that i began
reunite their lives again
Whisperwood i’m returning to
my lodestar is now in view
Whisperwood i’m returning to
my word and vision now ring true
It now rings true
Music: Dave
Lyrics: Eric

Vocal: Dave
Guitar: Dave

Tid Bits:
The title of this song went back and forth between Lodestar (Ring True) and Ring True (Lodestar) so many times we lost track. We remain conflicted--what do you think the title should be?

We intended to record this one as naturally as possible, just one track of vocal and guitar done at the same time. But, with one thing and another it ended up being multiple tracks of both. Eventually we realized that the vocal was just too abrasive for the song, so we decided to rerecord it with a warmer, gentler voice. We also decided to bring it back to one track of guitar. Unfortunately, we discovered that the one track of guitar that we wanted to use also had the original vocal on it. Dave re-sang it anyway, doing his best to ignore the original vocal, and we serendipitously discovered that the new warm vocal up front was wonderfully complimented by the abrasive vocal in the background. Magical moments in the studio!