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Whisperwood: Music

Tale of Lokai


Act IV: Day of the Drow
Scene I: Days of Yore

In the days of yore
‘twas a fiery end
But the cycle of life
begins again
In the days of yore
the land caught fire
The oceans boiled
and the mountains rose higher
But the world turned ‘round
to another day
The sky it showed
it rained, it shined
Treetops rose
and rivers ran wild
And the people went their ways---

Scene II: Auld Lang Syne

The Drow they lived
beneath the mountain peaks
The wood Elves hid
in forest retreats
For years and years
they lived in peace
Until the Drow came down---

Scene III: Shouting through the Whisperwood

Shouting through the Whisperwood
spreading fear as only they could
Down they come, up to no good
to contain the growing Elvinwood
Like a dragons breath a deathly smell
marauding Drow quash Ferndell
Those in hiding now left to tell
of martyred ones who fought and fell
They trod upon the fairy rings
stalking through the sylvan springs
Plunder and pillage, living a lie
will they hearken when spirits cry

Act V: Lap of the Drow (Muirigheal’s Story)
Scene I: Wandering Soul

Mother of Elric was a wandering soul
upon the mountain she did stroll
There she met an Elvin Drow
with whom she fell in love somehow
Together they conceived a child
but Muirigheal turned on the guile
She told her lover they could meet no more
but she’d return the child to its progenitor

Scene II: Mother of Twins

Yet she didn’t want to give the child
up to the Drow to be defiled
But luck had borne her two somehow
one was Wood the other Drow
The midwife, secretly away,
took one boy for the Drow to raise
Never would the Wood Elves ever infer
that Elric had a twin brother

Act VI: Lokai LeFay
Scene I: Odium

The Drow in me is the power of charm
it forces me to do you harm
The Wood Elf is my other half
should i cry or should i laugh?
…(Descend the mountain!)
i grew up amongst the Drow
but it seems they even hate me now
For my Wood Elf half has begun to show
leaving me no place to go
…(Descend the mountain!)
…(Descend the mountain!)
Descend the mountain in my 23rd spring
seeking vengeance for everything
i abhor the Drow i loath the Wood
i’d slay them all if i could

Scene II: Pseudomorph

So off unto the Whisperwood
to the Wood Elves i would rule
i’m off to charm the greenwood town
with their Fairyring toadstools
i’ll change my name to Morrigain
don amulets from the Dervish plain
A loving hand they won’t resist
but this velvet glove hides an iron fist
i’ll be their king and they my fools
i’ll tell them the Drow are ready to move
They’ll aspire to fight and i’ll be their school
They’ll die with the Drow and i’ll laugh as they do
In my spell they will enlist
in my war of bitterness
For my cause they’ll not desist
till the fateful day of my vengeful twist
So off unto the Whisperwood
to the Wood Elves i would rule
Off to charm the greenwood town
with their Fairyring toadstools

Scene III: Eve of Destruction

So the Wood Elves fall unto their knees
the young naïve, the old deceived
My charming tongue led them to believe
that the Drow must bleed or they’ll never reprieve
By the morning star upon the war path
‘tis the eve of destruction of both of my halves
i’ve trained the Wood but only so good
that they’ll die with the Drow and i’ll laugh
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Backing Vocals: Dave & Eric
Guitars: Eric
Bass: Sean
Drums: Trope
Percussion: Dave

Tid Bits:
Circa 1993, Carol Severson is generous enough to let Eric borrow her Gibson electric guitar (a guitar that has a strange effect on those who play it: for somewhat inexplicable reasons, the guitar captivates its wielder, a rare and welcome characteristic in a guitar) and transport if from Massachusetts to California. Before leaving for CA, Eric rises early one morning, grabs the unplugged electric guitar in dim dawn light, and out comes a riff--Tale of Lokai is born.
Circa 1999, Eric is troubled by the storyline he has created for the song and discusses the issue with Anne Tropeano. Anne dives into the story and rescues Eric with a better storyline.
Thanks Carol and Anne!

Story Synopsis:
Step back in time, to the creation of the world. Step forward in time; it’s the Tale of Muirigheal and the Tale of Lokai. Unlike Elric, Lokai is raised by the Drow Elves. As the Drow discover his other half, his Wood Elf half, they begin to ridicule him. Lokai develops a bitter hatred toward both the Wood and the Drow Elves, and determines to begin a war that will destroy them both!