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Whisperwood: Music

Horn of Plenty

Scene II: Horn of Plenty

Camping in Bohemia
due west of Whisperwood
Wond’ring how to greet the Elves
Still wond’ring if i should
Dining on a jujube
i fell into a lucid dream:
Herbs, spices, fruits, and nuts
Bearing gifts for them to eat

To Whisperwood on peaceful terms
(Like) perennial returns
i bring to all of you
a horn of plenty

Fill them up on Earthly Meal
Almond milk and chamomile
Sarsaparilla, drops of sun
Yellow jasmine, dandelion
Ginseng and sesame
Lotus and a mayflower tree
Honeysuckle, fill their needs
Lily of the valley and mustard seed

(chorus x2):
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Dave
Guitar: Eric
Mandolin: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric
Bass: Eric
Percussion: Eric

Tid Bits:
Sounds like a whole bunch of random stuff, but each item is intentional, each chosen for its “medicinal” qualities.