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Whisperwood: Music

Peace Piper

Scene III: Peace Piper

Am i welcome in the whispering wood?
i’m returned repented in the name of good
Elric revealed my life
i’ve melted down my sword and knife
Forgive my exploits, when i slip
revive your lives to fellowship
Hear this piper’s song delight
as we pass around the peaceful pipe

When woodruff blossoms
and may wines pour
Let the maypole be wreathed
with flowers and more
Let merrymakers dance ‘round
the May Queen’s door
As minstrels of the day
sing legends of lore

Your brothers Drow are scattered ‘round
the volcano that they called home
We must bring this pipe of peace
or extinction they will roam
Accept them all with open arms
open heart and open mind
Good turn and a helping hand
for in marasmus none survive

(repeat chorus):
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocal: Dave
Guitar: Eric
Mandolin: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric
Flute: Lisa
Bass: Eric
Drums: Trope
Backing Vocals: Dave, Eric, & Jack
Sound FX: Eric

Tid Bits:
Eric has no memory of the creation of this song. Perhaps it’s lost in the fog from the pipes!

Dave does some fun vocal stuff in the background. Listen very carefully with headphones and you might be able to pick some of it out.

Story Synopsis:
Lokai has arrived, back in Whisperwood again. This time things are very different, he’s very different.
Will the Elves accept him?