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Whisperwood: Music

Melding of the Guild

Scene IV: Melding of the Guild

Listen to my heart song
Listen to your heart
Allow the Drow in this brotherhood
Brothers make a start
Toward a single band of Elves
yourselves we will rebuild
If you follow i will lead
it’s the melding of the Guild

Tome of wisdom has been read
Voices echo in the forest town
Song of Songs has made two one
now the harmony resounds
Wounds are healed, spirit’s mend
a fellowship we’ll build
Live together for better now
it’s the melding of the Guild

All have seen the vision
and you don’t need me to stay
Mother says that i must go
when her body fades away
She had a vision my destiny
has yet to be fulfilled
Brother and i must continue
the melding of the Guild
Music: Dave
Lyrics: Eric

Vocal: Dave
Rhythm Guitar: Dave
Lead Guitar: Sean
Bass: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric
Backing Vocals: Dave, Eric, & Sean

Tid Bits:
Dave wrote the music to this song and Eric wrote the music to the previous song, Peace Piper. These two songs are a fine example of how different two songs can be even though they have the same chord pattern.

Story Synopsis:
Lokai mends the wounds he caused years before. He also foreshadows his mother’s Last Adieu.