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Whisperwood: Music

Sing Your Deeper Song (Muirigheal’s Incantation)

Scene VI: Sing Your Deeper Song (Muirigheal’s Incantation)

Sing your song so clearly
Sing into all ears
Sing to all creation
Sing the music of the spheres

Sing your song now calmly
Sing it oh so soft
Sing to all your heart’s content
For they’ll listen to your song
Sing your song with passion
Sing it loud and strong
Sing to all your heart’s delight
Sing your deeper song
Music: Eric
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Heather
Rhythm Guitar: Eric
Lead Guitar: Sean
Mandolin: Eric

Tid Bits:
The music for this song was written for a film called Annie & Mary: Reflection on the Railroad, which Eric made in 2003 with Tawnya Foskett. Look for a snippet of it on YouTube. Eventually, we’ll get the whole film posted.

Story Synopsis:
Mother Muirigheal is wise; she knows that her son’s song is never through. As she lies on her death bed, she tells Lokai to sing his song, and then she tells him...