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Whisperwood: Music

Who Can We Believe


Act VII: Lokai LeFay
Scene I: Who can we Believe?

(The Wood Elves):
When will we know?
When will we go now?
Well can we see, see, see
down the open road?
Will we know for sure
oh, if war will be a cure?
Or have we set peace aside?
Will we choose to live or die?

Who can we believe
if we’ve been deceived?
For all this time, time, time
Who can we believe?
Have we been deceived
for all this time, time, time?
With all this greed
who can we believe?

Our own extinction
bring rude awakenings
Surely our empathy
can transcended the world
But imminent death
driven by his fist…terror eyes
If we can’t help our brother
how can we help ourselves?


Can ya spare some change?
We need to rearrange
But do we need, need, need
or do we need to give some sometime?
So where do we go
now that our well has run so slow?
Can we still turn, turn, turn?
Can we still retreat?

Music: Dave
Lyrics: Dave (with Eric)

Vocals: Dave
Backing Vocals: Dave & Darlene
Rhythm Guitar: Dave
Lead Guitar: Eric
Bass: Sean
Percussion: Dave & Trope

Tid Bits:
Originally written by Dave in the mid 1990s as a stand alone song. The lyrics needed only minimal tweaking to fit the narrative.

Story Synopsis:
On the eve of war the Wood Elves find themselves quite confused, questioning whether or not they should really trust this man who is leading them into the first war they have ever waged.