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Whisperwood: Music

Ode to Elric (Muirigheal’s Invocation)

Scene II: Ode to Elric (Muirigheal’s Invocation)

Do you hear in your dream your mother’s heart
whispering in your wood?
May ancient arts of heart whispering
still this day be understood
Come home to mother Muirigheal
Hear the wish that i convey
Return from your wanderings
for we’ve all been led astray

i fear this dreaded Morrigain
is for sooth my unknown son
i’m responsible for tomorrow’s war
and the genocide to come
So hear this ode to sojourn son
Only you have the words to change this man
For no one would heed the pleading words
of a weary, woeful, woman
Music: Dave
Lyrics: Eric

Vocals: Heather
Backing Vocals: Dave
Guitars: Eric
Flute: Lisa
Mandolin: Eric
Octave Mandolin: Eric

Tid Bits:
The music is one of the oldest pieces in Whisperwood; originally written by Dave, possibly as early as 1987, but certainly by 1988. At the time it is envisioned as an instrumental called The Rose.
The lyrics are initially written as the conclusion of Tale of Lokai, but eventually Eric comes to his senses and realizes these lyrics must be a separate song.