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Whisperwood: Music

Ode to Whisperwood

Scene II: Ode to Whisperwood
Music: Eric

Guitar: Eric

Tid Bits:
A classical guitar piece was originally recorded for this song, but eventually became the background music to some of the narration tracks. The guitar part that actually became Ode to Whisperwood is possibly the oldest piece of music on the album. Begun in 1987, the first 16 notes were written by Chris Chamberlain. Those 16 notes inspired Eric to embark upon a monster of a song that, like Whisperwood, evolved over the next 21 years. That song is called 1492, the title track of an as yet unrecorded album (hopefully it won’t take another 20 years to record!). Near the end of the Whisperwood recording sessions Eric decided that the intro to 1492 would make a great Ode to Whisperwood. One day you will hear 1492 in its entirety.

This piece is actually the intro to a song called 1492, the title track of a yet to be released album. Stay tuned...