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Whisperwood: Music

Before you listen, turn off the streaming audio at the bottom of the page! :)

Tale of Elric

Tale of Lokai

Who Can We Believe

Narration (Heart Whispers)

Ode to Elric (Muirigheal’s Invocation)

Listen to the Rain (Muirigheal’s Lament)

Ode to Lokai

Ode to Whisperwood

Narration (The Pilgrimage)

Elvin Song

Pawn Song

Ever the Twain

Land of Giants

Music in the Air (Jamming with the Giants)

Salad Days

Full Circle/Laughing With the Hermit/Night of the Toadstools

Change of Seasons

Narration (Divining the Guild)

Lodestar (Ring True)

Horn of Plenty

Peace Piper

Melding of the Guild

We Believe

Sing Your Deeper Song (Muirigheal’s Incantation)

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